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Market Report from Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

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4597 cattle sold.

Tuesday, March 5th----Doll Charolais & Simmental Ranch Sale at 1:30 selling 90 yrlg char bulls, 60 yrlg simm bulls,
5 open char hfrs, 5 open simm hfrs, & 15 open F1 simm/angus hfrs.
Wednesday, March 6th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Saturday, March 9th----Fast-Dohrmann Angus Sale at 1:00 selling 80 yrlg bulls.
Monday, March 11th----Keller’s Broken Heart Simmental Sale at 1:00 selling 80 red & blk simm & simm/angus yrlg bulls and
80 red & blk simm & simm/angus open hfrs.
Tuesday, March 12th----MacDonald Ranches Sale at 1:00 selling 155 saler, optimizer composit, & angus bulls, and 15 open hfrs.
Wednesday, March 13th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Friday, March 15th------Hermanson/Kist Tack Sale at 5:00. Bring photo ID to bid.
Sat—Sun, March 16 & 17th----Hermanson/Kist Spring All Breeds Horse Sale. Bring photo ID to bid.
Tuesday, March 19th----Robert’s Angus Sale at 1:00 selling 47 yrlg bulls.
Wednesday, March 20th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Saturday, March 23rd-----Schaefer ChiAngus Sale at 1:00 selling 75 chiangus bulls and 10 select heifer calves.
Monday, March 25th----Hager Cattle Co Sale at 5:00 pm selling 65 limousin & lim/Flex yrlg & fall bulls.
Tuesday, March 26th---- Lodeon & Huber EY Red Angus Sale at 1:00 selling 60 red angus bulls, 6 horned Hereford bulls, and
a large group of high quality replacement hfrs.
Mandan7 red/blk str—shots391202.50793
Maxbass7 blk/bwf str431199.50860
New Salem16 blk str454187.00849
Carson33 red/blk str—shots467177.25828
New Salem23 blk str507172.75877
Menoken33 red/blk str—shots507172.00871
McClusky24 blk str—shots489172.00841
Tuttle5 blk/bwf str556167.00929
Kief4 blk str—shots589164.00966
New Salem6 blk str558162.50906
Lansford10 blk/bwf str—shots544161.50879
McClusky19 blk str—shots549161.00885
Mandan14 blk str559159.50892
Ross23 mx str584158.75927
Hazen4 blk/bwf str—shots605156.50947
Carson99 mx str—shots596154.75922
Maxbass6 blk/bwf str604153.00925
Menoken90 red/blk str—shots599152.00910
Baldwin43 blk/bwf str—shots624152.00949
Regent9 blk str607150.00911
Beulah77 blk str—shots654148.50971
Regan21 blk/bwf str660148.50980
Carson59 mx str—shots693148.251027
Riverdale38 mx str—shots663147.75980
Wilton14 blk/bwf str—shots647147.75956
Menoken80 red/blk str—shots681147.501004
Barry Becker43 mx str—shots704146.001028
Hazen7 blk/bwf str—shots721145.501049
Mandan12 blk str—shots730144.001052
Baldwin46 red/blk str—shots712143.751024
Parshall8 blk str—shots760143.001087
Mandan10 red/blk str—shots750142.001065
Sheyenne21 mx str—shots742141.751052
Wilton40 blk/char str—shots752141.501064
New Salem38 blk/bwf str—shots735141.001036
Hebron21 blk/bwf str—shots764140.501073
Riverdale55 mx str—shots762140.251069
Hebron27 blk/bwf str—shots763139.751066
Elgin28 blk/bwf str—shots765135.001034
Mandan30 blk str—shots825134.001105
Riverdale8 blk/bwf str794134.001064
Riverdale17 mx str807134.001082
New Town10 blk/bwf str—shots816133.751091
Mandan6 blk str—shots866133.001152
Parshall17 blk str—shots874132.501158
Garrison7 blk/char str—shots871131.501146
New Salem22 blk str—shots834130.501089
Mandan47 blk str—shots921129.751195
New Salem61 blk str—shots873129.751132
Rolette10 red/rwf str—shots874128.501122
Elgin39 blk str—shots896128.001147
New Salem12 blk str—shots939126.001184
Ross9 red/blk hfr454156.75712
Baldwin10 mx hfr—shots465155.50722
McClusky19 blk/bwf hfr—shots466154.75721
Sheyenne2 blk/bwf hfr—shots505152.00768
New Salem35 blk hfr473151.75717
Maxbass22 blk/bwf hfr485150.00728
Hazen11 blk/bwf hfr—shots493149.25735
Lansford18 blk/bwf hfr—shots522149.00778
Velva20 blk hfr525148.00777
Carson55 blk hfr—shots534147.75789
Carson17 mx hfr—shots542145.50789
Ross22 red/blk hfr543145.50790
Donnybrook32 blk hfr—shots569144.50822
Wilton5 blk hfr—shots570144.00821
Mandan5 blk hfr582142.00826
Mandan9 blk hfr—shots588141.50832
Ft Rice9 blk hfr—shots596141.50843
Baldwin28 xbrd hfr—shots595139.25828
New Salem12 mx hfr—shots610138.50844
Flasher58 mx hfr—shots636138.00878
Beulah18 blk hfr—shots655137.00898
Medina36 red hfr—shots692137.00948
Hebron36 blk/bwf hfr—shots666136.00906
Mandan10 mx hfr—shots674135.25912
Flasher15 bwf hfr—shots723135.00977
Tuttle4 blk hfr720133.50961
Garrison23 blk hfr—shots711132.25940
Flasher10 mx hfr—shots752131.50988
New Salem22 red/blk hfr694131.25911
New Salem14 blk hfr—shots720130.75941
Mandan19 blk hfr—shots716130.75936
Parshall9 blk hfr—shots754129.75979
Mandan14 red/blk hfr757129.00977
Elgin27 red/blk hfr—shots758128.50975
Elgin15 blk hfr—shots875126.501107
Turtle Lake17 char hfr—shots786125.75988
Turtle Lake5 char hfr—shots893123.251101
Elgin18 mx hfr—shots875121.251061
High yielding cows sold from $74 to $83, Low yielding cows sold from $64 to $73, High yielding bulls sold from $94 to $1.03
Call for more info, call Bill Kist @ 1-800-732-1163 or 663-9573, Field Reps Larry Kahl @ 701-226-0067,
or Matt Lachenmeier @ 701-426-7638.

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