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Market Report from Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

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2656 cattle sold.

Wednesday, May 17th----Regular Feeder & Weigh Up Sale. Consigned are 5 bred sows due in May.
Wednesday, May 24th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Wednesday, May 31st----Regular Feeder Sale.
Saturday, June 3th-----LAST All Breeds Bull Sale. Entry Deadline is Monday, May 15th---Call for entry forms if needed.
Wednesday, June 7th----Regular Sale.
Wednesday, June 14th----Regular Sale.
Wednesday, June 21st----Regular Sale.
Wednesday, June 28th----Regular Sale.
Wednesday, July 5th-----NO SALE. Happy & Safe 4th of July to everyone.
Ruso12 red/blk str442206.00911
Carpio17 blk str522188.00981
Mandan14 mx str554186.001030
Richardton11 red/blk str572177.001013
Watford City65 blk/bwf str619174.001077
Flaxton12 blk/bwf str617169.501046
Flaxton17 blk/bwf str665167.501114
Butte9 blk str683166.001134
Thompson4 blk str681164.501121
Watford City82 blk/bwf str716163.001166
Richardton11 red/blk str719161.251160
Underwood20 mx hfr368187.00689
Underwood44 mx hfr468174.00815
Flaxton11 blk/bwf hfr531166.50885
Watford City23 blk/bwf hfr552160.25884
New Town9 red/blk hfr560159.00890
Elgin30 mx hfr624155.50971
Watford City96 blk/bwf hfr651153.25998
New Town27 mx hfr666148.00986
Richardton10 blk hfr702145.751023
Bismrack40 blk hfr712145.251034
Butte8 red/blk hfr713142.501016
Center7 bwf hfr734139.501023
Watford City40 blk/bwf hfr734139.001020
Mandan15 blk hfr792137.501090
Mandan10 blk hfr811137.001111
New Salem16 bwf hfr—REPL954131.001250
Beulah29 blk hfr893127.501139
Mandan6 blk cow/calf—fancy1700family2600
Flasher20 bwf cow/calf—fancy1176family2575
Mandan16 blk/red cow/calf—fancy1875family2525
Mandan4 blk cow/calf—fancy1916family2500
Flasher10 bwf cow/calf—fancy1180family2500
Mandan7 red/blk cow/calf—fancy1609family2450
Flasher10 bwf cow/calf1157family2400
Mandan3 blk cow/calf—fancy1832family2350
Mandan5 bwf cow/calf—older1402family1500
Hebron14 blk/bwf cow/calf—older1598family1480
Mandan13 char/red cow/pair—older14553family1300
Shields1 rwf cow126089.001121
Arena1 red cow124588.001096
New Salem1 red cow132087.001149
Benedict4 blk cow117885.001001
Hebron1 blk cow125585.001066
Robinson1 blk cow129585.001101
Washburn1 blk cow174084.501470
Baldwin2 blk cow134884.001132
Solen2 blk cow168883.501409
Mandan1 red cow140083.001162
Menoken1 blk cow152082.001246
Beulah5 blk/bwf cow145381.501184
Mandan5 blk cow162481.001315
New Salem1 blk cow165081.001336
Mandan2 blk cow169380.501362
Arena2 red/blk cow141080.001128
New Salem1 red cow131580.001052
Beulah5 blk cow139280.001114
Norwich1 blkc cow151080.001208
Mandan2 blk cow142079.501129
Carson1 blk cow157579.501252
Carson3 blk cow167079.001319
Shields2 blk/bwf cow133879.001057
Thompson1 blk cow141579.001118
Wilton1 blk cow149579.001181
New Salem3 blk cow165078.501295
Steele1 red bull2325104.502430
Wing1 blk bull2325104.002418
Richardton6 red/blk bull2326101.002349
Richardton2 red bull2545100.502557
New Salem1 red bull2080100.002080
Richardton2 red bull214899.002126
St Anthony1 blk bull228098.002234
Palermo1 blk bull222596.502147
Richardton1 blk bull209596.002011
Sherwood1 red bull229595.502192
Richardton1 red bull208095.001976
High Yielding cows from $77- $87, Low Yielding cows from $66 - $76, Young feeding cows from $88 - $98, Bulls from $94. - $1.04.
Call for more info, call Bill Kist @ 1-800-732-1163 or 663-9573, Field Reps Larry Kahl @ 701-226-0067, or Matt Lachenmeier @ 701-426-7638.

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