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Market Report from Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

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965 cattle sold.

Wednesday, Sept. 13th----Regular Sale.
Friday, Sept. 15th----Sheep Sale at 10:30 am.
Wednesday, Sept. 20th----Regular Sale.
Wednesday, Sept. 27th----Regular Sale.
Fri-Sat-Sun, Sept. 29, 30, & Oct.1st----Hermanson/Kist fall horse sale with over 1400 head cataloged.
Wednesday, October 4th----Regular Sale.
Saturday, October 7th-----Last Horse Sale along with Colt Special.
Wednesday, October 11th----Regular Sale.
Center7 mx str714157.001121
Tuttle28 mx str825153.001262
Center6 red/blk str875151.001321
Tuttle10 blk hfr789143.001128
Hebron5 rwf/blk hfr838136.501144
Mandan27 blk hfr879135.001187
Center4 red/blk hfr849134.501142
Tappen9 red hfr984129.001269
Mandan7 blk hfr986128.001262
Beulah15 red hfr940127.001194
Bismarck12 blk hfr973126.501231
Mandan4 blk hfr1116124.501390
Steele8 blk cow130678.001018
Stanton1 bwf cow148075.001110
Grand Forks2 blk cow149574.001106
Hebron9 red/blk cow155173.001132
Beulah20 mx cow137272.00988
Hebron14 red/blk cow139372.001003
Beulah1 blk cow174071.501244
New Salem17 mx cow156971.001114
Glen Ullin17 blk cow136070.00952
Center8 blk cow148070.001036
New Salem4 blk/bwf cow174170.001219
Beulah7 red/blk cow142968.50979
Steele1 red cow180067.501215
Menoken15 red/blk cow144466.00953
Steele5 red cow152165.50996
New Salem2 blk/char cow159065.001033
Golden Valley9 blk cow135064.00864
Glen Ullin8 blk cow133863.50849
Mandan1 wf cow166563.501057
Center1 blk bull224095.002128
Solen1 blk bull217595.002066
Flasher1 blk bull217594.002045
Stanton2 blk bull209393.501956
Stanton1 blk bull215093.502010
Bismarck1 red bull203093.001888
Menoken1 blk bull200592.001845
Center1 char bull203092.001868
New Salem1 blk bull225592.002075
Max1 blk bull213591.001943
Mott1 wf bull220090.501991
High Yielding cows sold from $64 to $74 cwt, Low Yielding cows sold from $53 to $63, Young Feeding cows sold from $75 to $85,
High Yielding bulls sold from $85 to $95..

Call for more info, call Bill Kist @ 1-800-732-1163 or 663-9573, Field Reps Larry Kahl @ 701-226-0067, or Matt Lachenmeier @ 701-426-7638.

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