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Market Report from Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

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3549 cattle sold.

Monday, October 16th----Weigh Up Cows and Bulls along with an Early Stock Cow Sale. Consigned are: Dispersion of 60 blk angus cows
Bred blk due 3/20, 100 blk cows bred blk due 3/25. 7 young black cows bred sim/angus due 3/20, 3 cow/calf pairs and 15
Longhorn cows bred blk due 4/15.
Monday, October 16th----LAST Sheep Sale following the cattle sale.
Wednesday, October 18th----Regular Sale.
Monday, October 23rd----Weigh Up Cows & Bulls.
Wednesday, October 25th-----Regular Sale.
Monday, October 30th----Weigh Up Cows & Bulls.
Wednesday, November 1st----Regular Sale.
Friday, November 3rd----Lodoen Cattle Red Angus Female Sale at 1:00 selling 50 head.
Monday, November 6th----Weigh Up Cows & Bulls.
Richardton22 blk/bwf str423204.00862
Wilton11 blk/bwf str468196.00917
Crosby23 blk str433195.00844
Richardton97 blk/bwf str517187.50970
Bismarck22 blk str543183.50997
Almont29 blk str520181.50944
Crosby66 mx str548179.75985
Flasher87 mx str549177.50974
Glen Ullin13 blk/bwf str552177.50980
Almont40 blk str622176.751099
Wilton20 mx str586176.001031
Mandan23 mx str608172.001045
Ft Rice30 mx str688169.501167
Hazen11 blk str603169.001019
Hebron84 mx str639168.751079
Venturia11 mx str681168.001144
New Salem17 blk str696167.001162
Solen12 red/blk str673167.001124
Bismarck245 blk/bwf str—yrlg862165.901430
Bismarck43 blk/bwf str—yrlg762164.001250
Mandan27 blk str—yrlg739164.001213
Mandan76 mx str—yrlg771163.251258
Flasher20 blk/bwf str—yrlg764162.501241
Crosby9 blk hfr307192.00589
Richardton11 blk/bwf hfr416170.50709
Richardton33 red/blk hfr423167.25708
Baldwin10 blk/bwf hfr479167.00799
Richardton85 blk hfr497166.50827
Almont19 blk hfr455165.50753
Almont82 blk hfr549165.50909
Solen14 blk/bwf hfr512160.00819
Crosby91 mx hfr526158.00832
Beulah14 red/blk hfr561156.00875
Hazen18 red/blk hfr573155.00888
Mandan34 mx hfr575154.00887
Solen8 red/blk hfr600154.00924
Hebron56 red/blk hfr579154.00892
Mandan20 blk/bwf hfr628153.00960
Mandan25 red/rwf hfr607152.50925
Flasher8 blk hfr640149.50957
Bismarck9 blk hfr641146.00935
Mandan8 blk hfr—yrlg858144.001236
Hazen11 red hfr655143.00936
New Salem12 blk/bwf hfr—yrlg881141.501246
Medina13 red hfr—yrlg973136.001323
Minot5 blk hfr—yrlg1000131.001310
Medina11 red hfr—yrlg1124129.001450
High Yielding cows sold from $58 to $68 cwt, Low Yielding cows sold from $47 to $57, Young Feeding cows sold from $69 to $79,
High Yielding bulls sold from $81 to $91.
Call for more info, call Bill Kist @ 1-800-732-1163 or 663-9573, Field Reps Larry Kahl @ 701-226-0067, or Matt Lachenmeier @ 701-426-7638.

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