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Market Report from Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

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4269 cattle sold.

Monday, January 29th---- Weigh Up Cows & Bulls. Sunday unloading times from 11 am to 6 pm.
Monday, January 29th------ND Golden Rule Gelbvieh sale at 2:00 pm selling 16 bred hfrs, 12 open hfrs, & 28 yrlg bulls.
Wednesday, January 31st----Regular Feeder Sale. Consigned are 50 longhorn fresh roping steers & heifers—these will sell around 1:00.
Friday, February 2nd----Severance Diamond Char/Angus Sale at 1:30 pm selling 40 purebred char yrlg bulls, 41 purebred angus yrlg bulls,
7 purebred angus hfrs, 4 purebred 3 yr old cows, & 4 purebred char bred hfrs.
Monday, February 5th— Weigh Up Cows & Bulls. Sunday unloading times from 11 am to 6 pm.
Tuesday, February 6th----Koepplin Simmental Sale at 2:00 selling 45 blk yrlg bulls.
Wednesday, February 7th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Saturday, February 10th----Stock Cow & Bred Hfr Sale.
Wing8 blk/bwf str429207.50891
Denhoff8 blk str426204.50872
Killdeer9 mx str483202.50979
Denhoff32 mx str544193.501053
Medina17 mx str524191.001001
Rugby13 blk str558187.501046
Tappen12 red/blk str590178.001049
Ft Rice22 blk str616176.001084
Mandan22 blk/bwf str597175.001046
Garrison26 blk/bwf str595175.001041
Dunn Center47 blk/bwf str646174.001124
Baldwin22 red/blk str599173.751040
New Salem9 blk str644169.501091
Mandan18 red/blk str633167.751061
Medina33 blk str641166.501068
Menoken28 blk/bwf str672164.501105
Dunn Center67 blk/bwf str679163.251108
Regent15 blk str695162.001126
Flasher20 blk str690160.501107
Mandan19 red/rwf str690160.001104
Mandan88 blk str719160.001150
Ft Rice79 blk/bwf str728159.501161
Mandan22 blk/bwf str708159.501129
Fessenden13 blk str730159.001161
New Salem9 blk str729157.001145
Center136 blk/bwf str787153.001203
Flasher67 mx str774151.751174
New Town30 blk str833149.001240
New Salem33 blk/bwf str793149.001182
Mandan74 blk str811147.751199
Granville35 mx str821147.501210
Flasher23 blk str814147.001197
Carson51 mx str908145.751324
Center33 red/blk str882145.251282
Center67 blk str878144.751271
New Salem13 blk str885144.501279
Elgin35 blk str878144.251267
Rugby7 blk hfr442178.00787
Denhoff26 blk/bwf hfr522169.25883
Granville5 char/red hfr554168.00931
Garrison28 blk/bwf hfr562165.50935
Baldwin11 mx hfr516166.25858
Mandan7 blk hfr566164.50932
Killdeer10 red/blk hfr523163.75857
Minot8 red/blk hfr556163.00906
Dunn Center19 blk/bwf hfr549162.50892
Drake30 mx hfr556162.50904
New Salem11 blk hfr545162.00883
Carpio13 red/blk hfr554161.50895
Denhoff46 blk/char hfr590161.00950
Fessenden12 blk hfr583161.00938
Medina28 blk/bwf hfr601160.00962
Tappen15 red/blk hfr592159.75946
Anamoose23 blk/bwf hfr605159.75966
Mandan32 blk/bwf hfr603159.50961
Regent11 blk hfr594159.00944
Mandan14 red hfr628159.00999
Menoken11 blk hfr598159.00950
Dunn Center34 blk/bwf hfr602157.25947
Almont46 blk hfr635156.75996
Rugby12 blk hfr658153.751012
Baldwin40 mx hfr643153.25986
Hazen8 blk hfr674151.501021
Mandan24 blk hfr689149.251028
New Salem38 blk hfr726149.001082
Carson21 mx hfr689145.751004
Mandan26 mx hfr687145.25999
Fessenden24 blk hfr713144.001026
Almont59 red hfr765143.001095
Garrison26 blk hfr717142.001018
Moffit13 red/rwf hfr734140.501031
Almont25 blk hfr760139.001057
Glen Ullin19 blk hfr767139.001066
New Salem24 blk hfr783138.501084
Flasher17 mx hfr790137.501086
Almont13 red hfr862137.001180
Carson48 mx hfr821136.751123
Almont13 blk/bwf hfr811135.751101
Elgin11 blk/bwf hfr807135.001090
New Salem21 blk/char hfr836133.751118
Mandan8 blk hfr849132.501125
Almont6 red hfr872131.001142
High Yielding cows sold from $58 to $68 cwt, Low Yielding cows sold from $47 to $57, High Yielding bulls sold from $84 to $94.
Call for more info, call Bill Kist @ 1-800-732-1163 or 663-9573, Field Reps Larry Kahl @ 701-226-0067, or Matt Lachenmeier @ 701-426-7638.

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