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Stock Cow & Bred Heifer Report from Saturday, February 10th, 2018

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1229 cattle sold.

Wednesday, February 14th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Friday, February 16th----Dakota Xpress Simm Sale at 1:00 pm selling 144 bulls & 55 bred hfrs---Red / Blk / Simm / SimmAngus.
Monday, February 19th--- Weigh Up Cows & Bulls. Sunday unloading times from 11 am to 6 pm.
Monday, February 19th----Tokach Angus Sale at 1:00 selling 170 yrlg bulls, 40 Purebred bred hfrs, & 50 Commercial bred hfrs.
Wednesday, February 21st----Regular Feeder Sale.
Friday, February 23rd---Brenner Angus Sale at 1:00 pm.
Sunday, February 25th----Kal-Kota Gelbvieh & Balancer Sale at 2:00 pm.
Mandan20 blk bred hfr1202hd2075
Mandan7 blk bred hfr1546hd2010
Goodrich27 blk bred hfr1340hd2000
Mandan11 bwf bred hfr1180hd1975
Center7 red bred hfr1329hd1875
Mandan22 blk bred hfr1122hd1825
New Salem12 blk bred hfr1240hd1730
Mandan10 bwf bred hfr1052hd1675
Moffit9 red bred hfr1266hd1660
Mandan9 rwf bred hfr1192hd1650
Medina11 blk/bwf bred hfr1372hd1650
Westhope7 red bred hfr1273hd1650
Blaisdell20 blk bred hfr1138hd1640
Mandan9 bwf bred hfr1165hd1620
New Salem13 blk bred hfr1028hd1525
Moffit16 wf bred hfr1202hd1500
Goodrich11 blk/bwf bred cow1448hd2280
Goodrich15 blk bred cow1478hd2135
Goodrich5 blk bred cow1512hd2075
Mandan9 bwf bred cow1384hd2050
Mandan15 bwf bred cow1403hd2000
Mandan67 blk/bwf bred cow1415hd1975
Mandan40 blk bred cow1505hd1950
Goodrich27 blk bred cow1523hd1900
Goodrich25 blk bred cow1548hd1860
Mandan14 bwf bred cow1531hd1850
Goodrich42 blk bred cow1579hd1800
New Salem13 red/blk cow1345hd1750
Mandan27 bwf bred cow1571hd1735
Garrison8 bwf bred cow1503hd1700
Mandan2 red/rwf cow1313hd1675
Mandan8 blk bred cow1603hd1650
Garrison5 blk bred cow1386hd1650
Mandan31 blk bred cow1725hd1650
New Salem15 blk bred cow1567hd1650
Mandan10 blk bred cow1604hd1650
Bismarck6 red bred cow1458hd1600
Goodrich31 blk bred cow1735hd1600
Goodrich32 blk bred cow-mx age1626hd1575
Westhope7 red bred cow1630hd1525
New Salem16 red/blk bred cow1546hd1525
New Salem8 blk bred cow-ST1491hd1210
Garrison8 blk/bwf bred cow-ST1479hd1175
Medina10 blk/bwf cow—ST1481hd1175
New Salem16 blk bred cow—ST1508hd1150
Goodrich20 mx bred cow—ST1587hd1100
Medina9 red/rwf bred cow—ST 1422hd1100.
Goodrich6 blk/bwf bred cow—ST 1585hd1075.
Medina15 red/rwf bred cow-ST1423hd1035

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