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Market Report from Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

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2934 cattle sold.

Monday, February 19th----Tokach Angus Sale at 1:00 selling 170 yrlg bulls, 40 Purebred bred hfrs, & 50 Commercial bred hfrs.
Wednesday, February 21st----Regular Feeder Sale. Consigned are 120 blk BV replacement hfrs from Doug & Lisa Schmidt.
Friday, February 23rd---Brenner Angus Sale at 2:00 pm.
Sunday, February 25th----Kal-Kota Gelbvieh & Balancer Sale at 2:00 pm.
Tuesday, February 27th---Larson XL Simm Sale at 1:30 pm.
Wednesday, February 28th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Friday, March 2nd----Chimney Butte Gelbvied & Balancer Sale at 1:00.
Saturday, March 3rd----LAST Stock Cow & Bred Hfr Sale.

NOTE: Weigh-Up Cows & Bulls will now be sold on Wednesdays. No more Monday sales until further notice.
Burlington20 red/blk str459215.00987
Mandan5 blk/bwf str462212.50982
Almont5 blk str504208.501051
Mandan20 blk/bwf str520208.501084
Steele13 red/blk str472207.00977
Baldwin11 red/blk str554190.001052
New Salem11 blk/bwf str582187.001088
Halliday11 mx str608180.501097
Steele25 red/blk str609180.001096
Baldwin5 red str606179.001085
Steele4 mx str610179.001092
Mandan26 blk/bwf str657175.001149
Stanton6 mx str624174.001086
Medina15 mx str600173.501040
Richardton35 red/blk str644169.251089
Baldwin23 red/blk str652168.501099
Mandan12 red/blk str671159.251068
Tuttle23 mx str680159.251083
Antler12 red/rwf str717159.001140
Richardton65 red/blk str740158.001168
Richardton287 red/blk str752157.751168
Steele64 mx str725157.501141
Medina33 mx str717154.751109
Hazen11 blk str751153.001150
Tuttle12 mx str744152.001131
St Anthony20 blk/bwf str767150.001150
Dodge70 red/blk str770148.501143
New Salem10 blk/bwf str791145.501150
Parshall33 blk str804145.501170
Mandan40 mx str812144.751176
Mandan46 mx str814144.001173
Washburn16 blk str806144.001160
Sheyenne20 bwf str846142.501205
Dodge22 red/blk str880142.501254
Hazen17 blk str873142.001240
Mcclusky17 blk/bwf str904142.001284
Halliday109 red/rwf str892141.751264
Halliday118 red/rwf str989137.501359
Mandan24 mx str927137.001270
Burlington10 red/blk hfr398190.00755
Mandan18 blk/bwf hfr501175.50880
Burlington23 red/blk hfr510173.00882
Butte15 blk/bwf hfr517171.00884
Steele31 red hfr552168.00927
Hazen5 blk/bwf hfr529165.00873
Baldwin36 mx hfr586163.75959
Mandan23 mx hfr593163.50970
Des Lacs28 red/blk hfr535162.00867
Douglas11 blk hfr587161.50948
New Salem33 mx hfr607160.50974
Mandan12 blk/char hfr592160.25949
Richardton25 red/blk hfr574159.00912
Des Lacs26 mx hfr635156.00990
Steele55 mx hfr650154.501004
Medina38 mx hfr636151.00960
Halliday14 mx hfr656151.00991
Baldwin91 mx hfr678150.251019
Almont37 blk/bwf hfr683146.00998
Dodge10 red hfr686144.00987
Turtle Lake17 mx hfr752142.001068
Mandan18 mx hfr724141.001020
St Anthony18 mx hfr733140.751032
Richardton74 red/blk hfr695140.00974
Hazen16 blk hfr750138.501038
Almont5 blk hfr770138.501066
Hazen9 mx hfr800137.501100
McClusky20 mx hfr817135.501106
Halliday86 red/rwf hfr841135.251137
Halliday15 red/rwf hfr799134.501075
Mandan9 red/blk hfr812134.501092
Elgin11 red/blk hfr808134.251084
High Yielding cows sold from $59 to $69 cwt, Low Yielding cows sold from $48 to $58, High Yielding bulls sold from $91 to $1.01.
Call for more info, call Bill Kist @ 1-800-732-1163 or 663-9573, Field Reps Larry Kahl @ 701-226-0067, or Matt Lachenmeier @ 701-426-7638.

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