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Market Report from Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

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4291 cattle sold.

Tuesday, March 20th----Roberts Angus Sale at 1:00 pm selling 61 yrlg bulls & 12 bred females.
Wednesday, March 21st---Regular Feeder Sale. Consigned are 25 blk/bwf BV replacement hfrs, and 3 open sows.
Friday, March 23rd----Haugen/Josephson Angus Sale at 1:00.
Monday, March 26th----Hager Cattle Limosin Sale at 5:00 selling 95 yrlg bulls, 6 – 2 yr old bulls, & 60 open hfrs.
Tuesday, March 27th----Lodoen 83 Ranch Bull & Female Sale at 1:00.
Wednesday, March 28th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Minot8 blk str613184.501130
Turtle Lake14 blk str631181.501145
Hazen15 red/blk str604181.501096
New Salem12 blk str637181.001152
Underwood22 red/blk str600176.001056
Dodge8 blk str628174.501096
Max7 blk/bwf str666168.001120
Underwood59 mx str676164.001108
Bismarck18 red/blk str699163.251141
Minot17 blk str720162.001166
Hazen45 red/blk str739154.501145
Garrison25 mx str723154.501118
Minot28 mx str733153.501125
Mandan8 blk/bwf str748152.501141
Underwood16 red/blk str751152.001141
Garrison74 blk str782150.001173
Bismarck78 mx str787149.001173
Halliday27 blk/char str776148.501153
Driscoll16 mx str777147.501146
Center47 red/blk str787146.001149
Garrison34 mx str785145.001138
Turtle Lake64 blk str805143.251153
Hebron6 char str827140.001157
Minot85 mx str877138.001209
Mandan37 blk/bwf str877137.251204
Hazen69 red/blk str875137.251201
Upham46 mx str833137.001141
Garrison22 blk/bwf str875136.501194
Burlington66 wf str865134.001159
Burlington33 wf str875132.501159
Ft Rice66 blk str926130.751211
Burlington154 wf str975128.501255
Hazen7 red/blk str965127.501230
Elgin27 blk str995125.001244
Minot11 mx str1011124.001253
Underwood24 red/blk str561165.50929
DesLacs17 blk hfr614165.001012
New Salem17 blk hfr601163.00979
New Leipzig12 red hfr623160.50999
Douglas6 blk hfr621156.00969
Minot12 blk hfr637152.00969
Underwood33 red/blk hfr643148.25954
Hebron10 blk hfr653145.00946
Ft Rice42 blk hfr729143.501046
Wilton78 blk hfr683142.25971
New Salem16 blk/bwf hfr691142.25983
New Salem10 mx hfr715142.251017
Bismarck16 blk hfr694140.50976
St Anthony79 blk hfr—REPL853140.001195
Center31 blk/bwf hfr687139.00955
Hebron23 blk hfr735138.251016
Halliday36 mx hfr722138.00997
Underwood11 red/blk hfr717137.50986
Hebron23 blk hfr800136.001089
Driscoll23 blk hfr722135.75980
Hebron12 blk hfr730135.00985
Garrison6 mx hfr760133.001011
Antler6 red/rwf hfr803130.001043
Towner40 blk/bwf hfr824129.751070
St Anthony79 blk hfr802129.751040
Mandan25 blk hfr861129.501115
St Anthony17 bwf hfr829129.001070
Ft Rice14 blk hfr849127.751085
Elgin17 blk hfr862127.251097
Towner10 mx hfr916122.001117
High Yielding cows sold from $61 to $71 cwt, Low Yielding cows sold from $50 to $60, High Yielding bulls sold from $90 to $1.00.
Call for more info, call Bill Kist @ 1-800-732-1163 or 663-9573, Field Reps Larry Kahl @ 701-226-0067, or Matt Lachenmeier @ 701-426-7638.

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