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Market Report from Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

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2601 cattle sold.

Wednesday, April 18th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Saturday, April 21st----Horse Sale. EID forms are needed.
Wednesday, April 25th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Wednesday, May 2nd----Regular Feeder Sale along with Cow/Calf Pair Special. 180 pairs already consigned.
Saturday, May 5th----FIRST All Breeds Bull Sale.
Wednesday, May 9th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Wednesday, May 16th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Wednesday, May 23rd----Regular Feeder Sale.
Wednesday, May 30th----Regular Feeder Sale.
Saturday, June 2nd----LAST All Breeds Bull Sale.

Mandan4 blk str535190.001016
Wilton8 blk str553187.501036
Ruso19 mx str562186.001046
Halliday14 blk/bwf str594175.001040
Ruso51 red/blk str638171.001091
Minot5 red/blk str626167.001045
Mandan8 blk str682158.001077
Halliday26 red/blk str699157.001097
Ruso36 blk str730148.501085
Halliday11 blk str775141.501097
Mandan16 blk str782141.501106
New Town27 xbrd str823137.251130
Mandan17 blk str841137.251154
Mandan11 blk/bwf str838137.001148
Mandan12 blk str792136.251079
Mandan69 blk/bwf str893134.501201
Almont9 blk str898125.501127
Mandan9 blk str956124.501190
Tioga10 blk hfr552165.00910
Halliday9 blk hfr530164.00869
Minot15 blk hfr541162.00877
Mandan18 blk/bwf hfr560161.00901
McClusky16 mx hfr601159.50959
Mandan14 mx hfr603159.00959
Wilton4 blk hfr629159.00999
Ruso30 blk hfr602156.50942
Minot13 red/blk hfr637148.00942
Halliday35 red/blk hfr635146.50930
Turtle Lake8 blk hfr652142.00926
Steele51 blk hfr707138.00976
Mandan70 blk hfr—REPL908135.501230
Parshall7 blk hfr714135.00963
Mandan35 bwf hfr—REPL925134.501245
Turtle Lake34 blk hfr768132.001013
New Salem23 blk/bwf hfr792131.501040
Mandan22 bwf hfr—REPL910131.001192
Mandan35 bwf hfr—REPL887130.001153
Steele295 blk hfr820129.501069
New Salem26 blk hfr851128.501094
Steele90 mx hfr815127.251035
Tuttle13 blk/bwf hfr780127.00992
Mandan19 blk hfr817125.501026
New Salem17 blk hfr909117.501069
Steele20 mx hfr928116.001077
High Yielding cows sold from $66 to $76 cwt, Low Yielding cows sold from $55 to $65, High Yielding bulls sold from $93 to $1.03.
Call for more info, call Bill Kist @ 1-800-732-1163 or 663-9573, Field Reps Larry Kahl @ 701-226-0067, or Matt Lachenmeier @ 701-426-7638.

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